Our Promise

You’ll receive more money from our methods, period.
Here are a few reasons why.

Priceless Expertise

  • Navigating the probate system alone will only lead to frustration and extra expenses

  • Our team and legal partners handle everything for you to ensure a stress-free experience

  • Your Heir Advocate will walk you through each step and keep you informed all along the way

  • We’re fully certified, licensed, and vetted in the State of Florida

Remarkable Outcome

  • We uncover MORE hidden assets than anyone else thanks to our proprietary research methods

  • You get MORE because our negotiations expert works hard to reduce estate expenses

  • We stand by our work and guarantee you’ll receive MORE money from our proprietary research and negotiation methods

  • We protect your best interest at every turn, including helping you establish your own legacy

Zero Risk

  • Working with us is 100% risk-free because you owe us NOTHING until you receive your inheritance

  • You have nothing to lose because there are zero up-front fees and zero out-of-pocket costs

  • We maintain state-regulated credentials and licenses in the State of Florida

  • Our team stays sharp by regularly attending and participating in training and educational seminars


Client Stories

Our most honored credibility comes from letters and testimonials of our clients.
All Client Stories

Client Stories

Our most honored credibility comes from letters and testimonials of our clients.
All Client Stories

We only contact a fortunate few.

If we have reached out to you, it’s vital that you get back to us.
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We only contact a fortunate few.

If we have reached out to you, it’s vital that you get back to us.

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Character References

Our company culture is defined by our CEO’s history of helping others long before our company began.

“Erin and her team were so patient during the entire process. It’s obvious that she really CARES about her clients. They really took great care of me!”

Connie Welch

“Very warm personality, and she explains things thoroughly. I knew I was in great hands because I asked a thousand questions, and she was never annoyed or short with me.”

Wanda Kindred

“Extremely genuine… I think Erin is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I’ve ever met.”

Vickie Zell

“She held my hand the whole time, step by step. She kept me well informed, I never had to call for an update. But any time I had questions, she was quick with answers!

Gail LaPinsky

“Amazing to work with. She did everything she said she would do!”

Mirta Guerreo

Our Process

Restoring legacy through prosperity is a dream come true for all involved. Everyone wants a peek behind the curtain.


Every EstateCo smile begins with millions of data points, expertly sourced from both public and private databases, and then poured over by our skilled researchers. There are many ways to identify and uncover unclaimed inheritances, but no other way is as comprehensive as ours. You see, we have established and thoroughly developed our own data analysis systems, along with an exact process of specific research techniques. This unique methodology is a big part of our “secret formula” allowing us to guarantee that you’ll receive more when you work with us! Once our researchers have found an unclaimed inheritance, they create a file of their exploration and analysis.

Identify & Locate

Next, our investigations team receives the file and begins the seemingly impossible process of naming, locating, and identifying potential heirs. Even with our industry-leading team of genealogical experts and licensed investigators, this procedure can unfortunately take many long months. After an asset is unclaimed for a certain amount of time, it becomes government property, so our team races against the clock tirelessly, striving to put the pieces of the puzzle together before the inheritance is absorbed by the government like all the other unclaimed inheritances.

Heir Advocacy

Once our investigations and genealogical experts are sure of the identity and contact information of a rightful heir, the detailed and updated file is then handed to one of our outstanding Heir Advocates. An EstateCo Heir Advocate has a single responsibility: to ensure the heir receives their rightful inheritance. Every one of our Heir Advocates is exceptionally well-versed in the process of helping an heir claim their inheritance and will provide heirs with support and guidance every step of the way.

When people lose money they’re entitled to, lives are impacted and legacies are lost. We want to change that.”


Who We Are

Wouldn’t you be disappointed to learn that you missed an opportunity to receive money that was meant for you? That’s why it’s saddening to learn about the billions of unclaimed dollars held by the government, received from estates of the deceased if no heirs initiate the probate process. Unfortunately, this occurs because the probate system is confusing and difficult to navigate.

We believe it shouldn’t take an army of attorneys, a forest of paperwork, nor many years of your life to claim an inheritance that’s rightfully yours; it’s simply unjust. These legal complexities have caused millions of people to miss out on life-changing amounts of money that was meant for them.

Our mission is to put as many unclaimed inheritances as possible into the right hands… your hands, before they become governmental funds. And time is running out.

No legacy should have an expiration date. Someone in your family wanted you to have this, and so do we.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this Q&A will answer your questions, but please contact us to ask any other questions you may have.

When someone dies, if they don’t have a Last Will and Testament in place, they are considered intestate. This means that the deceased person’s heirs will be determined by succession laws. Your relationship to the decedent, determined after genealogical research, is why we’re reaching out to you.

The only documentation we’ll need from you to get started is a copy of your state-issued photo identification, such as your driver’s license, for example.

Believe it or not, once you have agreed to let EstateCo begin your claim process, very little is required from you.

When we receive your authorization to proceed, we will initiate the legal process of substantiating your right to inherit the estate. This is when our hard work really begins! Our team will undertake a variety of tasks on your behalf, including attorney meetings, generating and submitting documentation, and compiling admissible evidence that will be used as exhibits to prove your biological relationship to the deceased. This could include things like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, genealogical charts, and so on. If court proceedings/hearings are required for a judicial determination of heirship, EstateCo will attend these legal proceedings to testify and authenticate our findings as industry experts.

As your case is processed, we will keep you fully informed of its progress for each and every step. Once the legal process is finished and the court approves your claim to the estate, you will receive your share of the estate’s assets via mailed check.

We aren’t able to give you a timeline for your estate claim to settle because the legal process for probate cases is very unpredictable and complex. However, in our experience, it commonly takes approximately 3 to 12 months for these cases to be processed. EstateCo is not compensated until the estate’s assets are distributed, so rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to expedite the process!

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll spend a lot of your time on this process; saving you time and headache is one of the things EstateCo does best! Typically, the only things required from you are a photocopy of your driver’s license (or a similar photo identification) and a few signatures, and then EstateCo handles the retrieval of documents and records, case monitoring, research, and attention to all the details of your case.

We typically don’t give full details of the estate or assets until we obtain signed authorization agreements from any and all potential heirs, but once these agreements are signed and the case is allowed to progress, a comprehensive report of the estate, including its assets, will be provided.

If there are any estate taxes, they are paid for by the estate itself prior to final distribution. Additionally, assets acquired via inheritance are not taxable as income, regardless of whether your inheritance is in the form of cash, investments, or real estate. However, keep in mind that any earnings from inherited assets are taxable. For example, the interest earned on cash from an inherited bank account would be taxable, as well as any dividends paid on inherited mutual funds or stocks. Additionally, there could potentially be taxes due if money from an IRA or 401(k) is distributed, but again, be aware that the court will deduct estate taxes before inheritances are distributed. In any case, we highly recommend that you speak with a reputable tax attorney and/or a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to ensure that you stay updated on laws regarding estate taxes.

Your inheritance, or your portion of the estate, will be determined by a number of things depending on the presiding jurisdictions involved, and the laws of Descent and Distribution for those jurisdictions. Additional factors include the total number of heirs claiming the estate, your relationship to the deceased, and the estate’s total value after administration costs are deducted. The exact amount of your inheritance will be calculated and finalized immediately prior to the distribution.

Unfortunately, the law states that unclaimed estates (or unclaimed estate shares) are conveyed to the state as an escheat. Strict deadlines and statutes of limitations are also in place that may obstruct, delay, reduce, or void future attempts to claim your inheritance.

Nothing! Our services cost you ZERO out-of-pocket, and you’ll NEVER make any payment to EstateCo, nor our service partners.

Absolutely not. We’re so confident of our skillset that we guarantee success – so if we’re not successful with your claim, you owe us NOTHING.

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We only contact a fortunate few.

If we have reached out to you, it’s vital that you get back to us.
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Get in Touch

We only contact a fortunate few. If we have reached out to you, it’s vital that you get back to us.
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