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Shawn Cupp Avatar
This company made this whole process so very painless! I live out of state and they done everything. All we had to do was have a few papers notarized. They were simply amazing. I highly recommend this group!
Shawn Cupp 6/05/2024
Milton Willis Avatar
I just want to thank you Michael Kara and Erin Kara for helping me and my family in time of need. For staying by my side when things got tough. Erin for helping me find my sisters and my mother I haven’t seen for over 25 years and she didn’t have to do that . But I will be forever grateful for the both of them. Very good people and good at what they do. Thank you so much ❤️
Milton Willis 4/19/2024
Brittany Austin Avatar
I was contacted by Brittany (yes, we have the same from EstateCo. to provide notary services to their clients who were not able to travel. It was a pleasure working with this company from the initial contact to delivering the documents to their office. The staff was so pleasant and thankful for my services. Brittany really expressed how much their clients mean to them, and they wanted to make sure they were being placed in good hands with my services. I look forward to working with EstateCo. again as it's obvious that we share similar values for servicing our clients and taking great care of them! I highly recommend their expertise and services.
Brittany Austin 2/19/2024
Ivette Gonzalez Avatar
Dealing with EstateCo has been an amazing experience from beginning to end. They are extremely reliable, professional, trustworthy and very caring. It was a pleasure dealing with the whole team. Danise you are amazing! Thanks to all for taking such good care of us!
Ivette Gonzalez 1/19/2024
Yvette Rivera Avatar
Highly recommend Michael and Denise! They’re amazing, answered every question I had to ask and walked me through everything with great understanding!
Yvette Rivera 11/19/2023
Deanna Hendry Avatar
One of the best. Very punctual great communication just a great experience overall. I appreciate all their hard work in such short time.
Deanna Hendry 11/03/2023
Tracy Balint Avatar
Thanks for the hard work and dedication ! Your were all the best and easy to work with. Great outcome too!
Tracy Balint 8/19/2023
Kevin Fields Avatar
Michael, the rep was more than patient and helpful with the process. Overall, we are pleased with how things turned out period
Kevin Fields 7/11/2023
Rose Fields Avatar
EstateCo is the way to go. Michael Kara was a tremendous help to me. I found great gratitude in knowing I can trust him and his work. He is trustworthy to his word too. I am very appreciative for whatMichael andhis team has been able to do for me in these troubled times.
Rose Fields 6/27/2023
Jacinta Mourhess Avatar
I found Michael Kara of EstateCo to be an excellent resource and a pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend him and his team to help identify and provide those involved with recently discovered unclaimed inheritances, with a clear understanding of their rights under Florida's probate process, its laws, and the required tasks and activities to be undertaken. First and foremost, you can relax in knowing that Michael is trustworthy, genuine, and professional in his efforts in providing you with accurate, reliable and up to date information, advice and services pertaining to the property and/or monies that have been found on your behalf.

Jacinta Mourhess
April 20, 2023
Jacinta Mourhess 4/20/2023
Frank Avatar
Highly recommend Michael Kara. He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. He took my call late on a Friday afternoon and and still spent time explaining to me the process of my situation. Micheal worked with me and made things easier for my situation. He was understanding and followed through. I appreciate him and his team they are professional and reliable. A big thank you to Estate Co.
Frank 1/22/2023
Brendon Rogers Avatar
Patient, professional and very personable! A great company to work with.
Brendon Rogers 8/19/2022
Canfer Gül Avatar
EstateC helped us to get to our inheritance in a countrywide way. The process was very profesisonell and for us with almost no effort. The settlement was also very fast and reliable. Therefore, a big thank you to the entire team.
Canfer Gül 4/09/2022
jeremy hartman Avatar
Erin and Michael helped me with recovering a Inheritance from the state that I had no clue on how to claim. They're a legit company whom works quickly and professionally, would highly recommend their services!
jeremy hartman 3/03/2022
Marilyn Uithoven Avatar
I was very surprised to get information regarding a relative that had died 5 years previously. I had not been in contact for about 50 years or more. The fact that there was property still standing and could possibly benefit me seemed to me a scam. After research by a grand-daughter-in-law who has a lawyer friend living in Florida, I was assured that this company was on the up & up. Due to this pandemic things took longer than expected. I was kept in touch and any questions were answered. They were cooperative and helped by using a daughter of mine as an intercesser as too much of the information about this past relative brought up very bad memories.
The amount that my brother and I both received was significant and we could not have done this on our own,
I am gratefully that this company took the opportunity and made it work.
Marilyn Uithoven 4/13/2021
Linda LaRocco Avatar
Mike was very professional In Handling this case for our family. He worked hard and reduced and settled liens against the the property, His communication was excellent and kept us informed and was always there when we had any questions. I highly recommend him
Linda LaRocco 1/09/2021
Jenny Morgan Avatar
I believe writing this review is important for people to understand this company IS legit. I received a FedEx letter in the mail regarding an inheritance. I was suspicious of the letter but I could not understand why a company would waste money on a FedEx letter if it was a scam. I did a little research and couldn’t find very much about the company at the time but I went on a whim and called. A relative I had only met a few times when my mother was still alive had passed away and my cousins, my sister and I were the inheritors of his estate. Estate Co was amazing! They explained everything and kept us informed at each stage of the process. They took care of everything and I am happy to say that my family was blessed unexpectedly! Thank you so much, Estate Co!
Jenny Morgan 1/05/2021
Tony Abplanalp Avatar
The Estate Co did a great job representing my wife's father and aunt in settling her uncle's estate. Michael communicated frequently throughout the process. Thank you.
Tony Abplanalp 1/04/2021
Loretta Showalter Avatar
I can't thank you enough for helping my Mom. I live states away and you stepped up to assure her everything would work out fine, and that it did. I was able to reunite with my Mom and help her settle in a new state with me while Estate Company took care of the rest. You people are amazing, compassionate, and very trustworthy. I had my doubts for sure, but I can tell you every question I had they were able to answer and ease my mind. The sell of my Mom's home was a success thanks to Michael and Erin and all the hard work they put forward to make the process for us go smoothly. You won't find anyone else like these two. Again thank you from the bottom of my hearts...
Loretta Showalter 12/29/2020
Phyllis Tompsen Avatar
Estate Company handled the inheritance recovery on my uncle's estate in a professional and caring way. Michael Kara kept in touch with me throughout the long process. I highly recommend this company.
Phyllis Tompsen 12/20/2020
Teresa Elizalde Avatar
I highly recommend EstaeCo. Great caring, thoughtful and personable company that work hard for you. Always keep you informed. Just for the few months that we worked together settling my issue of property for my mom, it felt as though I had known them long before. They worked above and beyond! Thanks Michael, Erin and staff!
Teresa Elizalde 8/06/2020
James J Avatar
These days, I admit, it's hard not to be a little skeptical at first when you're contacted about an unexpected inheritance you were otherwise unaware of. This was my initial reaction too when the EstateCo team contacted me in regards to a deceased distant relative's estate, someone whom I had never even met! I'm happy to say it was all legit and receiving this unexpected money has been an amazing blessing for my family! Thank you to the EstateCo team for all your help and support! God Bless
James J 1/15/2020
Our professional affiliations include the following well-respected organizations:
Our professional affiliations include the following well-respected organizations:

Professional Endorsements

We are honored to be endorsed by many of the professionals and organizations we have collaborated with.
“Through countless business dealings with Barry Miller Law spanning more than a decade, Erin’s integrity, determination, and skillset has continued to impress me. Erin is an extraordinarily skilled researcher and her compassion for others is truly inspiring. These traits, combined with her astonishing work ethic and acute attention to detail, make her a very compelling leader! Erin has my highest recommendation, and I applaud her endeavors as the CEO of EstateCo.”

-Barry L. Miller, Esq.
Attorney & President/CEO of Barry Miller Law

“One of the greatest challenges in distributing the assets of a decedent, especially for older cases, is determining and locating the rightful heirs. Erin’s strengths include depth of research, attention to detail, and a genuine concern for preserving assets for heirs. Through her careful analysis, she recovers financial accounts and other resources, ensuring the lawful heirs receive these assets rather than letting them remain unclaimed to become government funds. Opposing attorneys often express their gratitude for her diligence also, as her hard work allows cases to to be closed quickly and efficiently.”

-Don Morrell, Esq.
Probate & Civil Litigation Attorney at Kendrick Law Group

“I believe Erin and Michael Kara are exemplary professionals who are committed to high service standards and superb client care. I have worked with them in a professional capacity since 2013, and since I first met them, they have stood out as people of principle. Erin has innovative vision and the strategic abilities to actually turn her ideas into meaningful action. Her dedication to EstateCo’s philosophy is evident in the quality of her work, and her enthusiasm is contagious. It’s a pleasure to work with this group!”

-Tom Tschopp, CPA
Partner at Schafer, Tschopp, Whitcomb, Mitchell & Sheridan, LLP

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We only contact a fortunate few. If we have reached out to you, it’s vital that you get back to us.