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Everyone has a story to tell, including the extraordinary entrepreneurs who founded EstateCo.

Erin Kara

Founder & CEO

Michael Kara

Co-Founder & COO

Erin Kara


Erin Kara has spent much of her career solving complex puzzles through investigation, research, and meticulous analysis.

Erin would say that her greatest strength is her ability to evaluate large amounts of data, filter the pertinent elements, and analyze the essential details to construct an accurate and comprehensive case, but anyone who knows her would say that her greatest strengths are her compassionate warmth and her relentless determination.

While her research and investigation skills are imperative to EstateCo’s operations, it is her mettle and empathy that are responsible for EstateCo’s principles and standards. She has a talent for balancing persistence with patience, which explains how her approach allows her to solve even the most difficult research puzzles while keeping the client’s best interest as the top priority. One of the primary reasons EstateCo succeeds where others fail is the company’s culture, which is a direct reflection of Erin herself.

Michael Kara


Michael Kara represents the culmination of over twenty years of hands-on business analysis and entrepreneurial resilience during one of the most turbulent times in the financial and real estate markets. As other businesses folded under the economic pressure, Michael led his companies to achieve amazing milestones: his investment business grew by over 100%, his construction business was one of the top-selling custom home builders, and his real estate brokerage was ranked in the top one percent of its market for multiple consecutive years. He did this through a combination of flexibility and foresight, adjusting his business models to meet customer’s needs (and exceed their expectations) before his competitors.

With his experience, achievements, and incredible acumen, Michael would be an outstanding leadership choice for any company, but he says overseeing EstateCo’s operations is closer to his heart than his previous ventures because he’s already witnessed the synergetic effects of partnering with Erin, both in life and in business. It’s no coincidence that he shares Erin’s passion for EstateCo’s goals and values.

Our professional affiliations include the following well-respected organizations:
Our professional affiliations include the following well-respected organizations:
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How It All Began

Erin is passionate about cultivating value for her clients, and is truly elated when she is able to secure an inheritance for an unknown or missing heir who may have otherwise been left out, but the discoveries that led her down this path initially came as a shock.

After college, Erin’s driving work ethic was first put to the test as a private investigator, but most of her skills were honed while she worked as an investigator and property research analyst for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, where her job was to research and analyze properties which could become assets for the hedge fund. It was during this work that she first encountered the obstruction that would become her passion: unclaimed estates.

While performing property analysis and research, she frequently came across abandoned properties that couldn’t be purchased because they were part of an estate that had no named heir, or the heir couldn’t be located. This recurring anomaly was quite an obstacle for her analysis, and after encountering unclaimed estates more and more frequently, she decided to dig a bit deeper. Upon discovering how many hundreds of millions of dollars go unclaimed, she was saddened, but also a bit skeptical… how could there be so many unclaimed estates? Why was there nobody to claim these assets?

When she learned about the complexities of the probate system and how difficult it is to navigate, she perceived an extreme injustice that seemed almost ironic to her: unnamed heirs who don’t have the financial resources to pay for legal assistance are commonly unable to legally claim an estate they’re entitled to because of how difficult or time-consuming the legal process is. Erin’s outrage quickly turned into the steadfast determination she’s known for, and that’s when the ideals and values of EstateCo were born.

As CEO, Erin’s primary role is to carefully oversee the successful navigation of each case file to a rewarding conclusion. She is comfortable with complexity, which makes her a natural fit for managing intricate and sometimes convoluted particulars. She says she is thrilled with her work because she gets to use her affinity for research and investigation to help resolve a problem she’s extremely passionate about. She feels nothing is more satisfying than restoring legacies.

Professional Endorsements

We are honored to be endorsed by many of the professionals and organizations we have collaborated with.
“Through countless business dealings with Barry Miller Law spanning more than a decade, Erin’s integrity, determination, and skillset has continued to impress me. Erin is an extraordinarily skilled researcher and her compassion for others is truly inspiring. These traits, combined with her astonishing work ethic and acute attention to detail, make her a very compelling leader! Erin has my highest recommendation, and I applaud her endeavors as the CEO of EstateCo.”

-Barry L. Miller, Esq.
Attorney & President/CEO of Barry Miller Law

“One of the greatest challenges in distributing the assets of a decedent, especially for older cases, is determining and locating the rightful heirs. Erin’s strengths include depth of research, attention to detail, and a genuine concern for preserving assets for heirs. Through her careful analysis, she recovers financial accounts and other resources, ensuring the lawful heirs receive these assets rather than letting them remain unclaimed to become government funds. Opposing attorneys often express their gratitude for her diligence also, as her hard work allows cases to to be closed quickly and efficiently.”

-Don Morrell, Esq.
Probate & Civil Litigation Attorney at Kendrick Law Group

“I believe Erin and Michael Kara are exemplary professionals who are committed to high service standards and superb client care. I have worked with them in a professional capacity since 2013, and since I first met them, they have stood out as people of principle. Erin has innovative vision and the strategic abilities to actually turn her ideas into meaningful action. Her dedication to EstateCo’s philosophy is evident in the quality of her work, and her enthusiasm is contagious. It’s a pleasure to work with this group!”

-Tom Tschopp, CPA
Partner at Schafer, Tschopp, Whitcomb, Mitchell & Sheridan, LLP

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