Going Above & Beyond

An heir with unusual circumstances


Our team loves going the extra mile for our clients, but we were caught off guard by this client’s specific situation!

Without divulging too much information, this person found himself in a position of extremely limited capacity, which proved to be quite problematic when going about the business of claiming an inheritance.


  • Unable to perform any parts of the process without significant assistance

  • Communication was difficult due to his unavailability and limited communication channels

  • Our team had to physically meet with him to finalize documents for his case

  • His inherited funds had to be disbursed to him in a very specific way

He was in desperate financial need of his deceased mother’s estate, but was entirely unable to claim it due to a series of factors and conditions that he had to sustain. His availability was extremely limited, even to our team, and we had to jump through many hoops to get his documents signed and even to make delivery of the financial disbursement.


Thankfully, EstateCo was able to successfully navigate this client’s circumstances and facilitate the process of his claim to his mother’s estate, much to his satisfaction. Mr. Sowers received a total of $87,300 courtesy of EstateCo! His financial needs are now met and he now enjoys an improved quality of life.

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