The Ties That Bind

Legacy prevails despite estrangement


Estranged families are much more common than you might think. Whether it’s blamed on divorce, an argument, or geographic location, it’s not unusual for family members to become separated over time.

In the case of two brothers living in Massachusetts, they didn’t have contact with their father for many years before his passing.


  • Estranged relationship with their deceased father

  • Unfamiliar with their deceased father’s assets

  • Lived over 1,200 miles away from where their father lived and passed away

  • Lacked the resources to hire an attorney for help with acquiring their father’s estate

They were aware that their father had passed away, and lamented their strained relationship with him, but felt logistically unable to go about the business of acquiring their father’s estate. They lacked the resources to hire an attorney, and were unsure of the amount of time and work that it would require, so they felt that their hands were tied. They were also unsure of what the estate’s value might be; they knew he had a home in Florida, but having never seen it and living over 1,200 miles away, they assumed it might be more trouble than it was worth.


With EstateCo’s aid, these brothers were able to successfully take possession of their father’s estate and were thrilled with the outcome. They seem to be in either disbelief or denial about the fact that they almost gave up their inheritance because of the complexities of the probate system! Mr. P. Santangelo and Mr. M. Santangelo received a total of $145,000 thanks to EstateCo, and after splitting the sum they inherited, both are enjoying things they had previously only dreamt about.

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